Online vs Offline: Buying Kids Mattresses

The proper formation and structure constructed by you help the child to create an inner impact on the overall growth for the rest of his/her life. The most essential and unavoidable part of a bedroom is a bed and the mattress.

For kids their personal space really plays an important role in their life, it helps them to grow and enhance their personality as well. They spend quite some time on that mattress that you’ll buy for them. Therefore, it is vital to let them choose their own mattress but with right guidance of parents.

Now it’s not important to take your child to every mattress store available near you. This might prove to be a disaster. The right procedure to choose a mattress is: 1) research on child mattresses through online portals like Mattressify, 2) compare the prices offline (stores) and online, 3) Check out the warranty period, 4) and lastly, purchase the mattress from the best place (website or store).

Buying Kids Mattresses

To help you choose the best mattress for your child, we’ll be sharing few perks and disadvantages of purchasing mattresses online and offline. This will definitely be an aid for your child.

Online vs Offline

Offline mattresses or mattresses available in showrooms and stores are quite easily available for you. But doesn’t really isn’t a perk for you as their might not be as many choices as you want for your child. Let’s consider the perks and disadvantages of buying mattresses from showrooms.

Better selection of mattresses

Buying a mattress from a showroom might provide you a satisfaction of actually present there, but there’s no surety whether you’ll be satisfied from the stuff you buy. The brands, types, and choices available on online portal, is limited in the retail shops.

Showrooms provide you a very limited choice to choose from. The mattress you’re searching for your child’s comfort may not be available there. Sometimes, the special kind of mattresses that you’re finding for your child are only available on websites. Therefore, it’s always a right decision to search online first instead of going to a brick-and-mortar retail location.

Price tag

Generally, pricing available on mattresses is quite less that what we find in showrooms. There are some straight and simple reasons for that: extra retailing taxes, online competition, and high retailing markups.

Online stores provide you an enormous number of mattresses and types, which are comparatively high than retailing stores. In fact, online store provides you amazing deals and discounts on their products, especially mattresses.

Be an informed buyer

Generally, the salesperson tries to affect your thought process and decisions. You might want to buy a low price innerspring mattress, but by an overpowering salesperson you might end up purchasing a high priced foam mattress.

However, websites provide you an accurate information. You even have the choice to compare from one site to another without having to travel from one store to another. This is the biggest perk we can think of.

Refundable policy

The mattresses you buy from a showroom normally provides you with an exchange policy within two to three days of purchase. Which is, of course, very less time to judge the comfort level of the mattress. On the other hand, the mattress that you purchase online will definitely provide you a return policy of 90 days from purchasing the product.

Your body needs time to get used to the mattresses, within two days of purchase no one can say if the mattress is comfortable.  


These were just a few of the perks and advantages of buying a mattress from an offline and online portal. It’s always useful to calculate all the possibilities before purchasing a mattress for your child. In a case of a kid, please remember that a child is growing every day, therefore, buying a mattress of a smaller or twin size wouldn’t be a good decision to take.

Purchasing a mattress is a huge decision, it consumes time, your personal attention, and invariably loads of money. Hence, it is strongly recommended to choose a mattress for your child’s bedroom with full cautiousness.