Top Picks: Baby Strollers

In this section I will be reviewing baby strollers, which I consider to be a must-have because it will make your life so much easier when traveling.

The problem I encountered when looking for strollers was that I didn’t know what to look for. There are so many options to choose from these days that it was a headache to know which one was the most suitable for me. I know better now, and I believe that the most important thing when purchasing a stroller is to know what your needs are. If you travel often and go on short trips to the mall or park, I’d say the lightweight stroller suits you best. However, if you are the sporty type or want to lose those extra kilograms from your pregnancy perhaps you would prefer a jogging stroller.

As you can see depending on the lifestyle you have some strollers are more suitable than others, unless of course you are thinking on buying several.

Jogging Strollers for the ‘Sporty’ Mom

For starters the trending stroller currently are the jogging strollers. I myself have recently purchased one of these and I must say I have been surprised at the quality in which they are made. One of the things I consider most important when looking at “joggers” is to see the maneuverability. The reason is that when I am jogging at a certain speed I want to know if it is easy to control while running. I do not want to crash into somebody or losing control of the stroller. So maneuverability comes first. Also equally is important is to see how well it absorbs shock, since I don’t want my baby to be stressed. Although I am careful in selecting the course to jog on, it’s inevitable to run into bumpy roads.

The next quality I look for is a little bit of resistance when I push. By this I mean that I prefer the stroller to be a little bit heavy since that will help my arm muscles do exercise at the same time. I am the sporty type of mom so this is just my own preference. One last thing I find very useful is that I want enough storage space to be able to put some water, car keys, and diapers for any emergencies(believe me they occur more often than one may expect) that I may encounter and some food for the baby. The last thing I look for is for the stroller to be easy to fold, since I need to put it in the back of my car trunk when coming home.

Shopping or Traveling Moms: Go for the Lightweight Stroller

If you are the traveling type of mom, and usually go shopping often or go to the park to hang around in the sun, I would recommend a lightweight stroller. Lightweight strollers are usually good to maneuver both indoors and outdoors. They also have a sturdy frame and the seats can be adjusted to several angles which is useful depending on whether your child is awake or asleep. Make sure you check out storage space, since if you are shopping a thing or two you can carry it within the stroller without the need for another cart. If you are planning on going to outdoor trips often, take a look and see if the stroller will protect your child from adverse weather. Most of them have some sort of sun protection shade but not all of them are as good as they should be. One last thing to consider is if they are easy to fold. Since they are lightweight they are all probably easy to fold, but some are much more complex than they appear to be.

Double Stroller for Twins

If you have twins or two children that are similar ages, well first of all good luck! My children are 3 years apart, and I know how challenging it is.

Anyways if you are thinking on getting a double stroller, I would want to first ask you to think about what is your biggest need. The reason I say this is that there are basically two types of strollers. The ones that go side by side and the ones that are front and back. The side by side is much wider and if you are going to be indoors often it might be inconvenient at times. Especially when you are in a mall crowded with people. If this is the case I would suggest the front and back type or twin strollers. They are less wide, and if their is a difference in age between both of your children, usually the older one enjoys standing and sitting while you do your shopping. Below is a picture of what I mean by this. One last thing to consider is that since the weight you are carrying is bigger, the momentum is bigger too, so make sure that the brakes are strong enough to handle the weight of your children.

front and back twin stroller

Searching For High End Luxury Strollers

Premium strollers are another option. Since every type of stroller has premium models, I have tried to pick of each type in the reviews that I have written. From my experience although there isn’t that much of a difference in main functions between conventional strollers and luxury strollers,  I do find that they last longer and have additional features that are useful. Personally I haven’t bought the premium types but I have beta tested them when I was purchasing my jogging stroller at the baby shop.